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Watch: How to Perfectly Slice Tomatoes in 5 Seconds (with no mess!)

[VIDEO TUESDAY: Every week, I’ll be sharing a fun or interesting video related to food and/or natural health that I’ve found milling about on the interwebz. I figured it was about time I did something useful with all the hours I waste browsing YouTube—actually share the cool stuff I find with you guys! Enjoy.] How…

How to Pick Out a Safe Set of Cookware for Less Money

Being into the whole real food thing is tough. You gotta dissect labels for toxic ingredients, trudge off to an actual farm to get food, spend hours slaving away in the kitchen every week, and you don’t have the luxury of picking up an easy frozen meal at a normal grocery store and firing it…

10 Easy Steps to Turn Any Recipe Into a Real Food Recipe

I had an epiphany the other day. Ever since I started eating real food, I’ve stayed far away from where my meal inspiration used to come from (if not picked up straight from the freezer aisle) — recipes from magazines, websites, and TV shows with eye-rollingly-typical “healthy” fare. Ingredients like, “Bouillon cubes,”  and “Heart-healthy canola…

How to Make Your Own Date Sugar


Date sugar is a marvelous alternative sweetener. It’s not even really a “sugar” in the sense that it was derived from something and processed into concentrated sweetness. Wanna know what it actually is? Cooked and ground-up dates! Really, that’s it. And dates are just an all-around awesome food. High in carbohydrates, they’re a great thing…

Shh… I have a secret! (Dr. Price’s Nutrition and Physical Degeneration — free!)


Are you familiar with the man, the (nutrition) myth (buster), the legend, Dr. Weston A. Price? If you’re not yet, allow me to introduce you to my main man, Wes. (And yes, the rumors are true. I have a crush on him.) From the Weston A. Price Foundation: Dr. Weston A. Price (1870-1948), a Cleveland…

How To Avoid Radiation 1,000x Worse Than Airport Body Scanners


When the TSA came out with those wildly invasive, full-body security scanners last year, the backlash from the outraged American public was intense. The scanners produce graphic, detailed images of a person’s naked body seen by the TSA operators. People were NOT happy. But privacy invasion aside, many health-conscious travelers have been more concerned with…

20 Stocking Stuffers for a Real Foodie


Christmastiiime is here! Happiness and   — CRAP! Christmas is like, next week! :-O Is the Santa at your house having a bit of a freakout right about now? Not to fear. You have til the end of today (Monday) to order last-minute stocking stuffers on Amazon and still have them reach you before Christmas….

Making Garlic Easy: Peeled, Minced, Stored, Ready!

I had an epiphany the other day. I was in my local hippie health food store, perusing the refrigerated aisle and getting mad that there wasn’t any cream or organic dairy that wasn’t ultra-high-pasteurized, lamenting over the low-fat kefir, and cringing at the selection of toxic tofu, when I came across this: Wait, is that…

What to Do When You Can’t Get Raw Milk

Choose wisely!

I am relatively certain that I live in the most difficult area in the entire world to gain access to raw (read: REAL) milk. Not only is it completely, totally illegal to sell in my state (via retail OR farm sales, for humans or pets), but alternative legal loopholes such as herd shares are virtually…

One Simple Change to Feel Healthier and Have More Energy


Over the past week, I’ve been putting to the test one of the easiest ways I’ve found to help your body stay healthy. It doesn’t involve starting a recipe 100 hours ahead of time, or making weird science experiments in your kitchen, or any of the other somewhat overwhelming tasks a Real Food-er must do….