Tell President Obama to Honor His Promise to Label GMOs

While anxiously following along with election coverage four years ago, like many fellow Americans, I was so very pleased to see presidential candidate Barack Obama speak up against one of the most important health issues we face today — the genetic engineering of our food supply.

He made a statement that, should he become president, he intended to do something about the fact that food manufacturers are not required to label GMO ingredients in their products.

“We’ll let folks know whether their food has been genetically modified because Americans should know what they’re buying.”

Well, the time is now, Mr. President!

California’s Proposition 37 is a ballot initiative which will be voted on by the public this November. It proposes new legislation that would require genetically-modified organisms in our food to be labeled.

This is huge!

California is the 8th largest economy in the world. The state has an enormous impact on the rest of the country. If food manufacturers are required to label GMOs in California, they will more than likely have to begin labeling GE ingredients on a national level, as well. The results of this proposed initiative will affect all of us.

Proposition 37 may be the only chance we get to finally label GMOs.  And we need the President’s support to help make it happen!

Tell Michelle to Remind The President of his Promise

The Organic Consumers Association has come up with a great plan to get the President on board with the YES on 37 campaign — with the help of 100,000 signatures of concerned citizens urging President Obama to support GMO labeling with Proposition 37, the OCA will ensure national media coverage as they hand-deliver a petition to the white house to be given to First Lady Michelle Obama to give her this important message. 

Mrs. Obama is famous for the White House organic garden, for speaking out against childhood obesity and for better nutrition in school lunches. She’s the President’s closest confidante. So we’re calling on her to tell President Obama: Keep your word. Listen to the people, not the corporations. Do the right thing. 

Can we really make a difference with one little petition?

In the words of President Obama, Yes We Can! 

Being up for re-election, I’m sure the last thing the President wants is for Americans to be reminded of any campaign promises he made the last time around that he hasn’t followed through with. I think this petition really could have an impact on the Obamas’ stance on Prop 37 moving foward.

Sign the Petition Today!

If you agree with the President’s sentiment that “Americans should know what they’re buying,” sign the petition!


Want More Ways to Help Fight for GMO Labeling?

Donate to the California Right to Know campaign! Monsanto and biotechnology companies profiting off of hiding GMOs in our food supply don’t want Prop 37 to pass, and have given over $28 million to a campaign designed to deceive the public into voting against GMO labeling. The Right to Know campaign is fighting back!

They need your support. Donate now to get the message out there that we won’t be Monsanto’s guinea pigs — we deserve to know what’s in our food!

Click the button below to donate to the Right to Know campaign. Every little bit helps.

Spread the Word!

Tell all the Californians you know to make sure they vote YES on 37! And please share this post, and others supporting the campaign, via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, or any other way you can reach them.

Please do your part and sign, donate, or share. Together, we can win the fight and defend our right to know what’s in our food!


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2 Responses to Tell President Obama to Honor His Promise to Label GMOs
  1. Christy A says:

    Hi! I got the e-newsletter and clicked through to this important article – but when I click to get to the petition, no matter which link I use to get there, my browser (Chrome) tells me that there’s malware on the page and blocks it. Since this is a BRAND new pc I’m extra cautious. FYI! Anyone else experiencing this or google being overprotective?

    This is the “malware” link from the article above:

  2. Rachel B. says:

    Yeah, that’s going to happen – Obama’s promise to label GMO’s – especially after he appointed Tom Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture, the same moron who used to work tightly with Monsanto.

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