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I’m Emily. I’m a health researcher and writer, and I believe in food that doesn’t come from factories. Real food. Traditional food. Food the way it used to be, before we had to start adding adjectives to it like “organic” and “natural.”

When big companies took over what we were eating and started making fake food imitations that we were never meant to consume, like vegetable shortening, margarine, and soybean oil, people started getting pretty messed up. We never used to have issues like heart disease, widespread autoimmune disorders, or metabolic syndrome.

That’s why I think it’s so important to go back to the way things were before we were all so fat, sick, and miserable. Food should come from farms. Dinner should be made in kitchens. Families should be nourished, not merely fed.

I believe…

… in eating healthy food that tastes good. Thankfully, that’s actually pretty easy to do. Homemade ice cream, fluffy sourdough bread smothered with butter, grass-fed steak. Real food is good food.

… in food in its natural form. Cows don’t produce skim milk. Apples don’t smother themselves in pesticides. Seeds don’t chemically extract themselves into oil. Keeping as many hands out of my food as possible is important.

… in trusting that your body knows what it should eat. There’s a reason why a baked potato doesn’t taste very good without any butter. And why chocolate sounds good when you’re stressed. Take the blame off of yourself for eating what you want to eat.

… in making ethical food choices. Animals shouldn’t be tortured, abused, and kept in cages, knee-deep in their own waste, just so that I can eat a cheap hamburger. There is a better way. Sustainable farming doesn’t involve the mistreatment of animals, the environment, the workers who produce the food, or the people that eat it.

I don’t believe…

… that most doctors, nutritionists, government agencies, or food manufacturers have any business telling you and I what we should and shouldn’t be eating. Doctors usually receive less than 20 hours of nutrition education in their entire academic career. Nutritionists registered with the American Dietetic Association are sponsored by Kraft foods, Coca-Cola, and Mars Candy. Government agencies like to protect the billion-dollar food industries that give them money. We can do better by ourselves than to listen to these folks about food.

… in blaming bad health on the nutrients we need to live. Calories aren’t bad for you. Neither are carbs. Or fat. There’s a bigger picture to look at when bodies aren’t functioning as they should. Food is not the enemy.

… in dietary dogma. Food is not my religion. It doesn’t give me magical powers of becoming impervious to cancer. I don’t believe everything anyone says about what I should eat, and I don’t think you should, either. I worship no health diet gurus. I bow to no specific set of nutrients. I appreciate food for what it is — a source of nourishment and pleasure. And I just do the best I can to eat and live healthfully, without going completely crazy over it.

… in following all the rules. Food should be fun.  I refuse to stress out over eating a perfect diet, and I’m not above eating cookies and ice cream for breakfast.


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Thank you for reading. I hope you’ll stick around so we can learn from each other. Have faith in real food!

Emily Benfit


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