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Learning to Make Milk Kefir

Ready to stick in the cupboards overnight.

KEEF-uhr. Keh-FEER! Keff–ur? Urr… Whatever you want to call it, this is a must-make staple of a Real Foods diet. Delicious dairy cultured with these curious little clusters of “grains” I kept hearing about — I had been dying to get my hands on some for quite a while. I’d mastered my first weird homemade…

Kombucha Success! Our Finished Brew

We did it! We grew our own SCOBY ‘shrooms, let them live in some sweet tea for a while, and now we have tasty, healthy kombucha! It was crazy easy, you guys. There is no good reason for anyone to pay those ridiculous prices for store-bought ‘bucha! First, I whipped up a pot of tea….

I’m Growing ‘Shrooms… for Kombucha

Now, I don’t think you can rightfully call yourself a “Hippie” unless you are a consumer of the marvelously weird (and healthy) superdrink — kombucha. Seriously. Do you know any crunchy people who don’t drink this crazy concoction? There are plenty of good reasons for why they (we? you?) all do. Or at least should….