Is There a Cure for Eczema? Yes!

Have you ever known a friend or family member who suffers from eczema? Have you seen the painful itching, embarrassing redness and rashes, and discomfort they face every day? It can be so difficult to watch someone you love struggle with this condition.

Or do you, yourself, know all too well the uncomfortable, life-disrupting challenges that living with eczema can bring? You probably also know, then, that there is no medical cure for eczema. It’s frustrating to realize that medical treatments simply don’t offer lasting healing from skin conditions like eczema, and that if you’re looking to a doctor or dermatologist for help, you’ll never be fully healed.

Dermatologists Don’t Have the Cure

If you have a skin disease, it seems to make logical sense that you should go to a skin doctor to treat it. But, a dermatologist only does just that — treat the skin, with creams and topical steroid medications that only serve to alleviate the itching, swelling, and pain of eczema.

Treating eczema only on the surface of the body is missing the point. The skin is your body’s largest organ. When things aren’t functioning as they should in your body as a whole, it’s easy for your skin to let you know. Skin problems visible on the outside are really a symptom of an imbalance going on inside.

Heal from the Inside Out — With Real Food!

Eczema can only be truly healed from within. When armed with the right nutrition, your body can fight this awful skin condition from where the problem actually stems.

Even if you already eat a “healthy” diet, it may not be enough. Eczema patients need a very specific dietary protocol to address the root causes of their condition. But with so many differing opinions out there on what to eat, and what foods to avoid, it can be tough to know where to turn to find the right advice that will make a difference in your health, and your eczema.

Get Expert Help at a Fraction of the Cost

My friend and fellow real food blogger, Emily Bartlett, is a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner. She has successfully treated many of her patients suffering from eczema with a healing protocol developed specifically for this condition. A session with Emily in her LA-based clinic costs over $200.

But, in an effort to reach many more people with this powerful, yet simple approach to healing eczema, Emily compiled the information detailing her eczema treatment into an easy-to-follow ebook called, The Eczema Cure, which sells for a fraction of the price of the same expert advice you’d get from Emily in her clinic.

 The Eczema Cure outlines four critical action steps which have been proven to heal Emily’s patients, and even her own daughter.

Just look at the difference the right treatment can make in healing eczema from the inside out:

Dry, itchy, red eczema rashes, gone. Emily’s daughter now has beautiful, healthy skin for life, thanks to the treatment outlined in The Eczema Cure.

In the 85 pages of The Eczema Cure, you will learn:

  • Why eczema happens, so you understand the root cause behind your condition.
  •  How steroids and antibiotics actually contribute to your condition rather than heal it.
  •  Exactly how to identify environmental and dietary triggers, so you can put an end to those flares!
  • How to “put out the fire” that causes your itchy, red, oozing rash.
  • How to strengthen your immunity, so you’re armed with the strongest defense to defeat your eczema.
  • The exact supplements and nutrients your body needs to heal, and the best sources.
  • The truth about probiotic foods, including their vital role in your diet.
  • The facts about dairy, including must-have information about dairy sensitivities and alternatives.
  • Tips and recipes for cleansing foods that detoxify gently.

 Get the Cure, and Say Goodbye to Eczema for Good

If you’ve tried everything to find relief from eczema, only to be faced with frustrating flare ups over and over again, you know how costly all the products and treatments can be which make empty promises but don’t deliver true healing. And you’d probably agree that a real cure for eczema would be priceless.

Well, there’s good news. The last treatment for eczema you’ll ever need is being offered at an incredibly reasonable price with The Eczema Cure. But, it’s even on sale now so you can save even more, and ditch all those costly and ineffective treatments you’ve tried in the past.

Here’s what one eczema sufferer who healed with The Eczema Cure had to say:

“After years of suffering, I am amazed by how quickly my skin cleared up. I used to be embarrassed to be seen in public because of the eczema all over my face, but not any more!”   – Terri, age 27.

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Do you know anyone who suffers from eczema?

Be sure to share this valuable resource with them today! Once they’re cured, they’ll be glad you did.




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6 Responses to Is There a Cure for Eczema? Yes!
  1. […] can click here to read my review and to learn more about healing eczema from the inside […]

  2. jennifer lind says:

    My daughter had severe eczema on her hands (so much so that they were puffed and deformed, red, cracked, and bleeding). Turns out the trigger was her braces! It started when she got them on at age 12 and left as soon as she got them off at age 14! Unfortunately, we didn’t put it together until after the fact. Not sure if this is included in the book, but something for people to be aware of.

  3. Jill says:

    I’m not sure if what I have is eczema or not. Across select fingers/kunckles I have raised whitish reddish bumps…gross little clumps of bumps. But other parts of my hands are clear as a bell. Not sure. I’d love to have that e-book. Wish I could buy it. I also would love to buy that Diet Recovery book by Matt Stone referenced on this site. But e-book buying isn’t for me.
    Oh, that GAPS handbook looks awesome too…oye…wish this stuff were on shelves, so I could go to my library and check them out :)

    I’m curious about all those things.
    By the way Stephen Bratman’s book “health food junkies” is a great book, no? I thought so for sure. Also interesting to google on him and read the articles related to him and I think 20/20 long ago did a 2-part newsstory on orthorexia and its especial relation to raw food. ABC News stuff.

    I’d love to email you sometime (I am low weight, also million digestive issues, and struggling with depression-anxiety; but vey very unsure how to “fix” my problems you know? I suspect (only suspect) I have tons wrong with me including maybe sibo, leaky gut, thyroid, hormones major problems, etc…but again, not sure how to fix it :(

    How is your heatlh doing? I’m relatively new to your blog but have been enjoying it :)

  4. Paul says:

    Thanks for this post! Very useful information…
    I’ve just found the article about Herbs For Eczema Healing. It may be useful for readers.. I’m not a doctor.. But I would help readers anything!
    Good luck!

  5. Jan says:

    My eczema was at its worst while I was doing my darndest to embrace a vegan lifestyle. I accepted it as a “cleansing reaction” while I embraced whole grains, soy products and every kind of legume in sight. When it didn’t subside (not even with acupuncture) I did allergy shots. After nearly 10 years, I kicked the vegan habit. My sinus infections stopped, my seasonal allergies stopped and the eczema vanished along with the soy, legumes and whole grains…and I was finally able to get pregnant. Go figure!

  6. Rachel says:

    My 5.5 month old already has pretty bad eczema. We first tried tons of coconut oil and essential oils. Didn’t work much at all. Tried hydrocortisone that the doctor recommended. It would go away and then come back as soon as we stopped using it. Then tried a skin cream my husband and I use. It is gradually healing and doing much better after just two weeks, as opposed to disappearing and then coming back if we miss a day. It is called True Science and is made by LifeVantage. Has been great for us!

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