Links I Loved in October

It’s that time again! Our monthly tradition of linking up to all the good stuff I’ve read and recipes I’ve found. There’s so many awesome real-food and health-related blogs out there that I can’t wait to share. Here’s a shout out to some of the best things I read this month from them.

Links I Loved

  • From homemade household cleaners to homemade bath and body stuff, I think we’ve all heard of DIYing just about everything. But did you ever think you could make your own natural homemade mascara? Crazy enough, this DIY tutorial actually looks fairly easy, too! And much better for your eyes than those allergenic and chemical-filled store-bought brands.
  • Want to try your hand at sourdough bread, but don’t have a starter? You can make your own sourdough starter with just three things: flour, water, and time. Sounds easy!
  • Being the dedicated real-foodie that you are, you wouldn’t let your kids eat junk this Halloween, would you? Well, you may want to reconsider restricting them from this holiday’s sugar-filled festivities after reading this post. Life is all about balance!
  • Cholesterol sure gets a bad rap from the mainstream medical community these days. You might know better than to artificially reduce it with pharmaceuticals, but did you know that cholesterol is an antioxidant? Yeah, this would be why that whole “correlation does not equal causation” thing ought to be considered when you blame cholesterol for heart disease. It’s just trying to come in and clean things up!
  • Contrary to the many myths being spread, most GMO crops aren’t engineered to increase nutrients or yield. They are modified to withstand extreme amounts of Monsanto’s non-selective (meaning it kills everything) herbicide, RoundUp. So, not only are GMO crops are spliced with genes from another species, they are completely doused with huge amounts of a toxic chemical. One more reason to avoid them. Learn all about the dangers of RoundUp in this informative post.
  • Have you ever gone hunting for… mushrooms? I don’t even really like the little fungi, but I think I’d have a blast going foraging for mushrooms like this blogger did. Free food in the forest! What a fun adventure.
  • Most of us can’t find everything we want to eat at our local farmer’s market, but is there anything real-food-worthy at a big discount warehouse store? You might not assume so, but buying quality fish at Costco is definitely a possibility. Read this post to find out why you won’t want to skip their frozen seafood section!
  • It’s cold season. Have you had to resort to Vick’s vapor rub to get little noses breathing at night in your house? Try this homemade vapor rub instead, with no nasty chemical ingredients.
  • The fluoride debate is in full force in my neck of the woods. Once again, they’re trying to fluoridate the public water supply here in Portland, Oregon. I’m very concerned. Learn about fluoride dangers and what you can do to avoid this toxic waste product in this post.
  • Want more answers to your questions about Prop 37? Head on over to this blog to get the scoop on the truth about the proposed GMO-labeling initiative in California. (And why you should vote YES!)
  • Confused about the all the controversy surrounding immunizations? Here’s a great guide to vaccines that includes helpful printouts to evaluate your family’s needs.
  • GMOs are said to be found in over 80% of packaged foods. But they’re not always as obvious as you might think. I was surprised by more than one of these 10 places you’ll find GM ingredients in this video post about how to avoid GMOs.
  • Lately I’ve been studying up on the research of Dr. Ray Peat. I don’t agree with everything he says, but one of his tips I think you can’t really go wrong with — eating raw carrots to detox excess estrogen in the body. But what I hadn’t considered was that this could be a great remedy for PMS. Learn more and find a great raw carrot salad recipe in this post.

Recipes I Pinned

I’m crazy about the Pinterest, you guys. Are you on there? I’d love to follow you, too. Here’s a sampling of the tasty looking recipes that went straight onto my pinboards this month.

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8 Responses to Links I Loved in October
  1. Great list of reads, Emily! Thanks for linking to my family’s mushroom hunt!

  2. I fell down the Ray Peat rabbit hole too after dismissing many of his ideas because they challenged what I thought I knew. It’s been a thrilling fall! :)

  3. Tanya says:

    Awesome post! Thanks for all the links!

  4. Shyxter says:

    Thanks for sharing all these sweet stuff, Emily :) I really appreciate them especially the guide to vaccines and homemade vapor rub. I am a hands-on mother and a struggling cook, and I am very inspired by your passion to feed your family with tasty and healthy food. More power!

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