Sunday School Blog Carnival #14

Hey everyone, welcome back to Sunday School! This is our weekly time for bloggers to come to link up their posts and teach us about real food and healthy living. I learn something new every week!

Teachers of the Week

Here are our featured posts from last week‘s Sunday School! Bloggers, be sure to submit your posts to the carnival for a chance to be featured here! I will also “like” your blog on Facebook and tag you when I link to Sunday School from the B.B. page, and I’ll  submit your post to StumbleUpon (a great way to get more traffic to your site)!

Introducing Real Food and Gluten-Free Ryan Gosling, by The Liberated Kitchen. Get ready to pee your pants and/or cry real tears from laughing so hard. Have you heard of the “Hey girl”/Ryan Gosling meme going around? This is a version made just for us. “Hey girl, broth is beautiful. Just like you.” Oh, Ryan. You get me every time.

Cultured Ginger Root by Natural Health and Prevention. What a cool little ferment! Ginger has some great medicinal properties and adds a nice flavor to so many different things. I’ve only recently begun experimenting it. But a fermented, probiotic ginger would be even better to try!

Chicken Stock Tips, Tricks, & Special Ingredients, by Easy Natural Food. There are some really cool ideas and tips in this post that I never would have thought of! And it’s a great all-around guide to making stock in a variety of ways, plus a couple tricks to get that ever-elusive “gel” consistency. This is a post to bookmark for both newbie and even more experienced stock-makers!

Show & Tell — It’s Blog Hop Time!

Classroom Rules:

  1. Please only link to posts covering real rood or healthy lifestyle-related topics. In my eyes, this includes nourishing recipes, articles about (real!) nutrition, tutorials, discussions of food politics, homesteading, tips and tricks for keeping a green, healthy home, and other healthy, holistic living topics! If you’re a B.B. subscriber, you know that I myself don’t only blog about food — sometimes I write about pretty random things — but it all relates to simple, healthy living that goes against the grains of conventional wisdom.
  2. If you do post a recipe, please don’t include any fake or weird, chemically ingredients! No vegetable oils, processed sugar, white flours (well, maybe here and there is okay, even Sally uses all-purpose flour for pie crust sometimes), hydrolyzed soy protein, powdered eggs/whey/protein/ANYTHING, low-fat fakeness, or other non-real “food” product ingredients! If you’re unsure what Real Food is all about, just poke around this site and the ones listed on my blogroll, and you’ll start to see. Or just raise your hand and someone will call on you! (email or comment.) ;-)
  3. Please update your post with a link back to this Sunday School post, so your readers can get in on all the learnin’ going on here! A simple, “This post is linked to Sunday School at Butter Believer!” is perfect. Just blog carnival courtesy, is all!
  4. I can’t imagine having to do so, but if our rules aren’t followed by certain links, I guess I’ll have to delete them. I’m sure everyone is more than capable of playing nice, though!
Amen? Amen! Let’s get started.
** {By the way} I’ve been making an effort to promote all the participants of Sunday School, by Facebooking and tweeting as many of your links as I can throughout the week. Keep ‘em coming, and I’ll do my best to brink more visitors to your links! **

PAID ENDORSEMENT DISCLOSURE: I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog, including links. I only recommend products I genuinely love, and that I believe would be of value to my readers. Thank you for your support!

MEDICAL DISCLOSURE: Your health is between you and your health care practitioner. Nothing in this blog is intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. Use of recommendations is at the choice and risk of the reader.

36 Responses to Sunday School Blog Carnival #14
  1. Not sure if you can tweek this for GAPS intro or not, but I’m posting a new soup recipe. :)

  2. […] This post was shared at Sunday Night Soup Night and Sunday School. […]

  3. […] This post was shared at Sunday Night Soup Night and Sunday School. […]

  4. Hi Emily,
    Thanks for hosting!
    I’m sharing the next post in my series of herbal antibiotics..Have a wonderful day!

  5. This week I’m sharing my thoughts on celebrating my birthday while going through GAPS. I also share my guide for those who are intimidated by making chicken stock, like I was for quite some time.

    Thanks for hosting!

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  7. Jen says:

    Hi Emily, I posted lots of seafood stuff today . . .an article on sourcing, a review of vital choice, and a stuffed squid/calamari recipe which is super YUM.

  8. Thank you for hosting! My post is about natural, diy health/beauty products vs. a consumerist society, with parenting advice.

  9. Soli says:

    I’ve got two posts this week: a tutorial on sprouting lentils and a recipe for a delicious sprouted lentil soup. Get the most out of your legumes this way!

  10. Hi Emily, thanks for featuring my chicken stock. Yippeeee!! This week I’m sharing my yummy Chicken Parmesan Meatballs and my Sausage Noodle Soup. Thanks for hosting!

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  13. After a year on GAPS, I decided I wanted to get tested for celiac disease. That meant eating gluten every day. Seemingly all day. I had to quit early due to my mental deterioration: But I still went ahead with the test. I shared my results in the link above.

    Thanks for hosting!

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  16. Leah says:

    “What if being ill actually makes you more prone to depression on a biochemical level? What if being depressed actually makes you more prone to get sick, develop chronic diseases, and perpetuate the cycle of depression and immune system dysfunction? Shouldn’t that change the way we practice medicine?”

  17. Thanks for hosting, once again. I linked a post giving a wide variety of ideas that lead to deeper sleep.

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  22. Today I’m sharing my first non-GAPS REAL FOOD 101 post, what a milestone! I’m showing y’all how I make sprouted flour. Enjoy :)

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  24. it’s been awhile.

    glad to be back.

    i got all upclose and personal
    about my own health journey


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  26. THanks for hosting. I linked up an awesome and healthy Pasta Fagioli recipe.

  27. Hi! I shared my great aunt’s recipe for cinnamon rolls and tips from her tutorial on making them. I also updated the recipe to make it healthier by swapping in whole wheat flour and cutting some salt and sugar. Hope you enjoy!

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  29. Heya! Thanks for hosting, Emily! Just shared my post on “Debunking Myths: Not All Salt is Created Equal! Which Kind of Salt is Healthiest?” on here: And I included a link to this page on the bottom of my post 😉 Peace!

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  31. Thanks for hosting! This week I posted all about sugar. The latest research on sugar and health, and an explanation of 25 different types of sugar and sweeteners on the market today, how they are produced and how they affect your body. Whew…

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  33. I’m also sharing my real food version of the heart tarts my mother-in-law has been making for 36 years for her sweetheart! In my version I use sprouted flour, whole cane sugar, and grass-fed butter. I even show you how to make the cherry pie filling!

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