Sunday School Blog Carnival #19

Hey everyone, welcome back to Sunday School! This is our weekly time for bloggers to come to link up their posts and teach us about real food and healthy living. I learn something new every week!

Teachers of the Week

Here are our featured posts from last week‘s Sunday School! Bloggers, be sure to submit your posts to the carnival for a chance to be featured here! I will also “like” your blog on Facebook and tag you when I link to Sunday School from the B.B. page, and I’ll submit your post to StumbleUpon (a great way to get more traffic to your site)!


World Hunger Solved (And Other Dirty Thoughts) by Laurel of Leaves. I loved this. So, so much. I audibly said out loud, “Oh. My. Gosh. This is sooo GOOD!” as I got chills over this part, You see, the earth will give us food – if we only provide the right conditions and a small amount of work. The kindness of God in this way is so wonderful and extravagant!” I also may have shouted out a few, hearty “AMEN!”s throughout the whole thing. If you want to make a difference in the health and lives of people in your community, or around the world, start here. This will get your thoughts pointed in the right direction. (Plus there are some pretty awesome bible references in there to check out. This IS Sunday School, y’all!)

My Raw Milk Conversion: How and Why I Decided to Embrace Fresh, Local Milk, by My Life in a Pyramid. The things you learn when you start eating real food! Instead of popping a pill with lactase to help digest pasteurized milk, Heba’s husband found that real, raw milk had it built right in, making it highly digestible and even improving his digestive system over time! Pretty much everything you need to know about raw milk is included in this post. It’s a great one to share with people who are confused or doubtful about whether or not real, raw milk is the best choice for your health!

Did Vaccines Cause My Son’s Autism? by Whole New Mom. Adrienne’s son had shown himself to be an atypical child from birth, but when a delayed vaccine schedule was begun, his rapid change in behavior and development left her questioning the correlation to the shots she’d been so concerned about. I’ve written about this issue previously, and while I don’t think vaccines are the root cause of autism, I do believe they contribute to the toxic load that can push children over the edge into the spectrum. If you’re unsure where you stand on the vaccine issue, I think it’s important to read personal accounts such as this one about the damaging effects vaccines may have caused, in addition to doing other research.

Show & Tell — It’s Blog Hop Time!

Classroom Rules:

  1. Please only link to posts covering real rood or healthy lifestyle-related topics. In my eyes, this includes nourishing recipes, articles about (real!) nutrition, tutorials, discussions of food politics, homesteading, tips and tricks for keeping a green, healthy home, and other healthy, holistic living topics! If you’re a B.B. subscriber, you know that I myself don’t only blog about food — sometimes I write about pretty random things — but it all relates to simple, healthy living that goes against the grains of conventional wisdom.
  2. If you do post a recipe, please don’t include any fake or weird, chemically ingredients! No vegetable oils, processed sugar, white flours (well, maybe here and there is okay, even Sally uses all-purpose flour for pie crust sometimes), hydrolyzed soy protein, powdered eggs/whey/protein/ANYTHING, low-fat fakeness, or other non-real “food” product ingredients! If you’re unsure what Real Food is all about, just poke around this site and the ones listed on my blogroll, and you’ll start to see. Or just raise your hand and someone will call on you! (email or comment.) ;-)
  3. Please update your post with a link back to this Sunday School post, so your readers can get in on all the learnin’ going on here! A simple, “This post is linked to Sunday School at Butter Believer!” is perfect. Just blog carnival courtesy, is all!
  4. I can’t imagine having to do so, but if our rules aren’t followed by certain links, I guess I’ll have to delete them. I’m sure everyone is more than capable of playing nice, though!
Amen? Amen! Let’s get started.
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  3. Good Morning Emily! Today I’m sharing my post on prioritizing healthy fats first in your families food budget.

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  7. I shared my favorite farmer’s recipe for Dublin coddle, a classic mix of sausage, apple, bacon, potato, and sweet potato. I wasn’t expecting much from it when I got the recipe from her, but WOW. Delicious! Hope you enjoy.

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  10. I shared two posts: how to remove chicken breasts from a whole chicken and how much I love having a chest freezer (in my bedroom). Thanks for hosting!

    • ButterBeliever says:

      Oh my gosh, such a good idea to remove the breasts firsts so you can use them in other things! And um, wow. Pretty sure I’d kill for a chest freezer in my bedroom. Lol! Thanks for sharing with us, Meghan!

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  12. Linnae says:

    Hi!! This week I am sharing what a typical day of meals looks like at our house and how eating this way cured my sons autism.

    Thanks for hosting!

    • ButterBeliever says:

      Yes!! Aah! That’s amazing. I’m such a firm believer in GAPS for treatment of autism! I used to be an ABA therapist. I can’t wait to read this post. Thanks so much for sharing, Linnae!

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  14. I am linking up another addition to my 101 Ways to use eggs- Omelets (w/a humorous touch). Hope you enjoy and have an omelet this week! :)

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  16. Hi Emily, thanks for hosting again. I’m sharing French Lentil and Vegetable Soup and Basic Meatloaf recipe. Have a great rest of the weekend!

    • ButterBeliever says:

      Those sound so good! I haven’t made meatloaf in ages. I’ll have to try that soon! Thanks for linking up, Debbie!

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  18. Thanks so much for the shout out re: my raw milk post :) I was so thankful that I we were able to find a natural (and wholesome) solution for my husband. Now that I come to think of it – we may have never come across raw milk had he not been unable to digest store-bought milk! Blessings in disguise …

    I’ve shared a few different posts with your readers today. The first is a recipe for vegan curried cauliflower coconut soup – super easy to make, and very filling too. I’m not a vegan, but I try to fast from animal products for Lent as is customary in the Orthodox Christian tradition (I’m not very strict about it though). I did discuss a few of the fats that are important to add to the diet if eating vegan for any stretch of time, though I personally don’t feel that a completely vegan lifestyle is sustainable or ideal …

    I’ve also shared a recipe for Baked Sweet Potato Falafel with Cilantro, Spinach & Parsley (Vegan & Gluten-free) from the other blog I co-author, midEATS. Very easy way to sneak in some veggies!

    Finally, I’ve shared my first giveaway post from My Life in a Pyramid. You can enter to win a $25 Miessence voucher for certified organic personal care items or a 30-min consultation with sustainable personal care coach Lacey Swartz (your choice). That post also includes some info about how to choose personal care products, and why choosing carefully is important for health. Please enter and share!

    Hope you get to enjoy some of the posts! Thanks for hosting the blog carnival so I can share…
    Take care,

    • ButterBeliever says:

      That’s a pretty awesome blessing in disguise about your husband’s digestive troubles leading to your discovery of REAL, delicious milk! 😀

      Oh my gosh. Your recipes sound sooo good. I’ll be sure to check them out, and the giveaway too! Thanks for linking up again, Heba!

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  21. This week I am sharing my latest REAL FOOD 101 post all about how to make whey and “cream cheese” from yogurt. Okay, okay, it’s not really cream cheese, but STILL!

    • ButterBeliever says:

      No whey! (LOL. Couldn’t help myself.) I was just discussing making whey with my readers on Facebook the other day! Whey and cream cheese is the best! And I think it totally counts as “real” cream cheese. 😉 Thanks for adding your post, Kendahl!

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  24. Thanks for featuring my post this week!! I love that it elicited some Amens – ha! That’s awesome.

  25. Today I put up my post about my two tried and true pie crust recipes. One is the sprouted flour version that I have been using for a few years. And the next is a coconut flour one that I used with great success on GAPS. Mmmm, pie!

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  28. Hey Emily,
    Today I’ve shared the link to my new soaked Apple Cinnamon Oat Muffin recipe – sooo GOOD. And I’ve also linked up to my giveaway of Jill Winger’s new ebook, Your Custom Homestead.
    Thanks for hosting!
    Bless you heaps,

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  30. As a followup to my post on the dangers of water fluoridation, I’ve posted a new recipe for homemade toothpaste–fluoride free, of course.

    Thanks for hosting!

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  32. […] sums up how and why to avoid fluoride wherever you can. Shared with Seasonal Celebration Sunday, Sunday School, Real food 101, Make Your Own Monday, Monday Mania, Savvy Homemade, Homestead Barn Hop, Fat […]

  33. I am so glad that you take the time to gather together these various blogs and links and then share them with your faithful readers! I haven’t visited any of these blogs, and I look forward to becoming acquainted with them, especially Laurel of Leaves’ blog and Whole New Mom’s blog. Thank you again for sharing this with us!

    • ButterBeliever says:

      I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying discovering all these awesome blogs! But we should thank the bloggers for taking the time to come link up their posts — I just put up this little form for everyone to come link to, so they’re doing most of the work. :) You will love Laurel of Leaves and Whole New Mom, they are two of my favorites! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment, Margo!

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  35. I’m also sharing my breakfast of this morning: Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Waffles with Blackberry Sauce (and maple syrup and butter, oh my!) With a glass of cold raw milk this morning, I almost got whisked away to culinary heaven :)

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  39. […] incorrect post, World Hunger Solved (And Other Dirty Thoughts). The post was also featured on Butter Believer’s Sunday School blog carnival! I also made a guest appearance on Suzanne Bowen Fitness with 10 Ways to Save Money […]

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