How I Raised My Body Temperature by a Full Degree in Less Than a Week

I did a rather exuberant little happy dance last night.


“I’m hot and youuu’re not!! Ha – ha – HAAA!” I obnoxiously sang at my husband. More dancing, singing, and squealing ensued, for an inappropriate amount of time.

Okay, wait, let me back my story up a little.

So, earlier this year, I had done a little self-experimenting. I had tried and failed at the GAPS diet, which led me to try this really crazy-sounding plan from that Matt Stone guy I discovered, and then I started feeling a lot better. And gaining the weight I needed to. And being less crazy about eating a perfect diet. And lots of other good stuff.

My body temperature, which had been as low as in the 96’s, was creeping back up to normal. I even had a few days of reaching beyond the 98.6 degrees I was aiming for. But, it was a little inconsistent, and many days I was more in the low 98s. After the stress of the wedding and the big move across the pacific, I was consistently not reaching a high enough body temperature, and noticing more of my old hypothyroid symptoms like cold hands and feet, sluggishness, and hair thinning.

Dr. Peat’s PUFA-fighting superfood

Well, recently I’ve been reading up more on the work of Ray Peat, who’s a biologist specializing in metabolic function and repairing hypothyroidism. He hates those nasty PUFA oils as much as I do. (Okay really a whole lot more than I do. Sorry, Peat, but I’m never gonna give up eating strawberries because there’s tiny amounts of PUFA in the seeds — good grief!)

He also recommends coconut oil to help counteract the PUFAs’ toxic lasting effects, and boost overall metabolism. Peat suggests about a tablespoon of coconut oil every day.

This got me thinking. Maybe I needed a little help to boost up my temperatures past the low 98s? It definitely couldn’t hurt. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest foods there is.

I gave it a shot. For a couple days, I started working my way up to a full tablespoon of coconut oil. Which is actually a lot more than it sounds, when you try to spread it over a piece of toast and mix it with butter for a better taste.

Burning up!

So, back to yesterday. After a full day of realizing I hadn’t needed to wear any socks ’cause my feet were toasty warm, I wondered what my temperature might be. Maybe I was finally back into the 98.6 range again! I crossed my fingers, and stuck my thermometer under my tongue.

And THIS is what it said!

I’m a hot, hot woman, you guys. That seriously is a difference of an entire degree from some temperatures I reached last week. When you’re talking about body temperature, a full degree is huge!

And I’ve been feeling awesome with my new hotness. I’ve noticed more energy, a better appetite (I tend to struggle with that one), and even more of a… *ahem*… “drive” to spend some quality time with Mr. B. Ifyaknowwhadimean. I think I’ll definitely continue to aim for about a tablespoon of coconut oil a day to keep this up.

Where to find cheap coconut oil

You don’t need to buy the super fancy, ultra-organic extra-extra-extra virgin coconut oil — unless you want a yummy, coconutty-flavored oil to use in your cooking and baking. A much cheaper alternative is refined, expeller-pressed coconut oil. It has all the good things about coconut oil, but none of the flavor. And a lot less of the price.

You can find several types of coconut oil, including inexpensive expeller-pressed coconut oil, available online here.

How to fix your metabolism

If you want to learn more about improving your metabolism, normalizing your hormones, and raising your body temperature, I highly recommend reading Diet Recovery, Diet Recovery 2, and Eat for Heat by Matt Stone. You can check out what Matt’s all about on his site, 180DegreeHealth.

Are you working on raising your body temperature?

What has helped you? Share with us in the comments.



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100 Responses to How I Raised My Body Temperature by a Full Degree in Less Than a Week
  1. Shandus says:

    I just ordered a huge jar of coconut oil today so that I can start incorporating it into my diet. What perfect timing to read this blog!

  2. Karen says:

    I was thinking about trying this, and just shooting the coconut oil like tequila. LOL. do I need to take it with food? can I just shoot it with a glass of raw milk as a chaser? also, will it cause die off if I start out with too much too fast?

    • ButterBeliever says:

      Yeah, why not take a shot? Do the salt licking thing too, that would actually help! Haha!

      I’m not sure about die off (although coconut oil is antibacterial), but some people find that they have some digestive troubles from eating that much saturated fat at once if they’re not accustomed to it. So, it’s always a good idea to try to start slow and work your way up to more.

  3. Hilary says:

    Thank you! This is so interesting! I had cold hands and feet for years and I always blamed it on living in damp Oregon. When I moved out to Chicago 5 years ago (and subsequently started eating a higher-fat diet) the issue resolved itself. Of course I thought it was the drier winter climate, but this makes me think otherwise. The true test will be when I move back to Oregon at the end of the month (but I’ll be sure to pack my coconut oil 😉

    • ButterBeliever says:

      I’m an Oregonian, too! But I actually lived in Hawaii for a while, and I still managed to get cold feet even in the tropics, before I fixed my metabolism. Good luck with your move, you’ll be right in time for the rain season to set in! 😉

    • Pamela Stetor says:

      Now that it’s finally Spring Time, I would like to quit wearing my wool clothing to keep me warm, especially the socks!!! And try eating the coconut oil. thanks!

  4. I do need to raise my temps, and I am a big fan of coconut oil. BUT… I get very, very ill if I take too much coconut oil (or codliver oil that is not in capsules.) I seem to do alright with butter, though. Coconut oil is much more likely to set me off (feeling like I want to die, and then terrible diarrhea) than anything else I’ve tried. Have you come across this much? Any ideas?

    • ButterBeliever says:

      Yikes! How much oil are we talking, here? I wonder if you just needed to go at it a little more gradually?

      • A teaspoon? But I eat a high-fat diet, and have used coconut oil for years. I’m wondering if there is something I might be able to pair it with to go down easier– my biggest problem is when it’s not with much food, but even with something else (not a whole meal) I react. Odd, right? And if I ever take cod liver oil in liquid form, even with a meal, the results are pretty terrible.

        • Karen says:

          I don’t have any experience with this personally, but I remember reading on one of Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s posts about coffee enemas (I know, sounds gross) something about how bile helps us digest fat.

          I went and found the post, and on comment #6 it says: “Bile is also what helps us dissolve our fats, and healthy bile depends upon good intake of proper fats, and is hindered by ingesting hydrogenated oils, polyunsaturated fats in high amounts and a low fat diet. I would say that at least 90% of my clients had biliary stasis (thick, viscous bile) when they started working with me.”

          Here’s the post in full. I hope this is not rude to post another blogger’s post on here.

          • ButterBeliever says:

            Not rude at all! Especially when it’s my friend Kelly’s post! :)

            Good thing to point out, Karen. Maybe you might want to try bile supplementation for a while, Ariana.

            • Crunchy4Life says:

              I was going to suggest to make raw ‘mounds’ cups. The chocolate has coconut oil in & also in the filling. There are simple recipes online. I also make peanut butter cups the same way too.

          • Yes, thanks so much. I will definitely look into that!

            • PC says:

              You could try swedish bitters, they supposedly help with bile production and fat digestion when taken with a meal. Another option is ox bile.

            • Rachael says:

              About a year late to the conversation over here, but I have the SAME problems. I can eat butter like a *champ,* and believe me, I do.

              But if I try to consume any coconut oil, flour, or meat, it’s straight to the bathroom. And sluggishness. And persistent nausea. It’s terrible!

              I’m going to do research into this whole bile and bitters thing – two things I never thought I’d want more of in my life – and hopefully, that will help!

              In the meantime, maybe I’ll start with, like, 1/8th tsp of coconut oil since even 1/2 tsp makes me sick.

              • Kimberly says:

                Some people I’ve read have trouble with the anti-fungal properties of coconut oil and fermented foods due to yeast overgrowth issues. If you start slow and build up your tolerance very slowly like with probiotics, it should work. fwiw Hooray for coconut oil! Have you tried ‘bullet-proof’ coffee?

        • Meghon says:

          I do fine taking coconut oil (although I’ve never taken as much as a Tbsp./day), but I can relate to what you are saying about fish oil. I have had trouble with it making me sick too.

    • bouncedancer says:

      There is always the possibility that you have a food sensitivity and may simply not be able to eat coconut.

  5. Oh my gosh! When I started reading your post I reflected on my attire today: tank top, long sleeve t and a sweatshirt. Socks. I was too lazy to put on a pair of wool socks over my white cotton socks. In the evenings you can find me buried in all the above attire (with jammie bottoms or sweats) under two quilts in the evening. That’s right TWO quilts. Just to stay warm. Most days I’m what we call a spence-icle. No joke! Great advice. I have coconut oil in my cupboard and will read his book. I want to be WARM!

    • ButterBeliever says:

      Haha! Oh I so know what that feels like! I’m glad you’ll check out Matt’s book, I think you will learn a lot! And maybe try that coconut oil, too. :)

  6. Connie says:

    That’s great to hear! I’ve been having a TBS coconut oil every morning during my Intermittent Fasting. I had been diagnosed w/ Raynauds and my hands aren’t as cold as they used to be – much better – but still somewhat cold. I’ll have to take my temp – it used to run low and not sure if it still does. I don’t buy the cheap coconut oil anymore – see Mark Sisson’s column …

    • ButterBeliever says:

      Connie, the cheap coconut oil you’ll find in stores isn’t the kind of refined oil I’m talking about. The companies you’ll see listed in my resources page would never sell anything like what Mark warns about in that article. Anyway, I’m glad your temps are improving! I find that if I don’t eat big, square meals with plenty of carbohydrates, my temperature drops. I gotta say, I’m really not a fan of IF. But to each her own!

  7. Matt does note on his site, that where we are in our cycle does affect our temp, pre and post ovulation specifically. I wonder where you are at…that may affect it too.

    My son who has autism has temps in the low 96s. Low metabolic rate, low development, right?

    I added pastured dairy back into his diet, and his little hands and feet are warmer.

    Matt is onto something. I’ve read and reread Diet Recovery. The only thing I cannot have at this point is still gluten, but I am basically on his eat a ton kick, and it’s been helping me.

    Funny, my temps are up too, by overeating and not moving as much. I’ve been downing coconut oil for over a year. It’s good when I balance it with a lot of food.

    • ButterBeliever says:

      Hey Nicolette! I am SO glad you’re following Matt’s stuff and getting your temps up. That is awesome. And I’m sure your little guy will keep improving too. I really wish more people in the ASD community would consider metabolic rate as an important piece to the “puzzle,” if you will. I mean, I wish more people in the general medical community would get a clue about this stuff, really. It drives me nuts that so many people will say, “Oh yeah, I’ve always ran a low temperature in the 96s, my doc says it’s nothing to worry about.” Ugh!

      Anyway, yes you’re definitely right that pre ovulation temps will be lower than post-O. I do FAM/NFP charting but I usually only notice the significant change between the two for basal temps. During the day, they’re pretty consistent. Mine were consistently in the low 98s for the last couple months. I actually just started my period today (no such thing as TMI here, lol) and forgot to do a basal reading, so I’ll be interested to see what my temps do later in the day when I’m the warmest.

      • Kari says:

        So true about metabolic rate being a big piece to the autism puzzle! My son is somewhere on the very mild end of the spectrum and I remember noticing that his feet were FREEZING as a baby. I’m a fan of Matt and working on getting both of my kids (and myself!) warmer. Reading Peat has been SO interesting. Especially when I start to think about the role that excessive PUFAs might have in ASD.

  8. Linda says:

    I really like to ea tthe extra virgin coconut oil right off the spoon. I like it when it is solid, and I just let it melt inmy mouth. I like doing oil pulling with it too. It took me a long time to work up the nerve to eat it because I thought I would gag. But surprise! I love eat and can be found standing in my kitchen gobbling coconut oil.

    • ButterBeliever says:

      Wow, that’s impressive, Linda! I’ve done the oil pulling thing before and gotten pretty grossed out. I decided I didn’t want to use coconut oil for that anymore because I didn’t want to “ruin” the taste of it for when I actually eat the stuff!

  9. Annette says:

    Do you think that taking Coconut Oil capsules will have the same positive effects>

    • ButterBeliever says:

      Sure, I just think they’re kinda wasteful. If I just spread the oil onto something I’d already be eating butter with, like a piece of toast or something, and then add the butter, I don’t taste the coconut oil. Expeller-pressed coconut oil is cheap, but I would imagine the capsules would get pretty expensive if you were swallowing a tablespoon a day’s worth.

  10. aimee says:

    I also have been looking into Peat and even working with some health coaches who follow him but to be honest with two little babies at home I don’t get to read more than a little at a time. I also sometimes get my temps into the 99 range (I take temps and pulses a lot) I was thinking I had somehow done something wrong to get it that high. Is it bad to have it and keep it in the 99 range?

    • ButterBeliever says:

      Oh no, I’d be thrilled if I were always at 99! Even as a basal temp. I’m glad your temps are getting up there! They were quite a bit lower before, right? Sounds like you’re doing great!

  11. Samantha says:

    I think I need to read this book thanks for the tip! Just wondering if you know any alternatives to the coconut oil b/c I am allergic :(

    • ButterBeliever says:

      Ray Peat actually says “Extra virgin coconut oil is often allergenic, so it’s best to try out refined coconut oil.” Maybe try for refined expeller-pressed coconut oil from the companies listed on my resources page?

  12. Dawn says:

    I get my daily tablespoon of coconut oil by either frying my egg (over very low heat) then pouring the oil over my plate of eggs and sauerkraut in the morning. Or if I want a cup of tea or coffee I put the brewed tea/coffee in a blender with a tablespoon or two of coconut oil (sometimes a tbs of grassfed butter) and blend until frothy like a cappuccino. Yum! (if I need sweet I add a tsp up to tbs of raw honey) :)

    • PRae Becquart says:

      Yes, I was just going to point this out! I’ve been frothing my 2Tbs coconut oil & raw cream with my little espresso machine (mr coffee) & I either make drip coffee or a 2 shot espresso with my frothed cream & it’s similar to a cappuccino! I haven’t taken my temp in a long time, but now that I’m doing this every morning, I’ll check it. I was wavering between 97.6 & 97.9.
      Also, I’ve been oil pulling for about 3 yrs now & it doesn’t have to be done with coconut oil, sesame oil is recommended also. I really notice a difference in my teeth & how unstable they feel if I miss a few days.
      Also, for a good night’s sleep I’ve been spraying myself with Manganese Oil….amazing!

  13. PC says:

    It’s interesting that Ray Peat says the extra virgin version can be allergenic…I have certainly noticed reactions whenever I have tried it. I wonder though if it could be related to candida die-off, since coconut oil can cause that?

  14. April says:

    I just bookmarked this article b/c I am very interested in reading as I have read about low temperature being a symptom of hypothyroidism, work by Dr. Barnes concerning this, a book by Marilyn Shannon, etc. We have used temperature in the Sympto-Thermal method of NFP. I came across your Pinkwashing article via Crunchy Mommas International on Facebook.

    My question though is if you have a RSS feed? I would like to subscribe to your posts via my Google Reader instead of email.

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  20. Hannah says:

    I’ve been reading elsewhere that refined coconut oil looses a lot of its beneficial properties. Do you reccommend using refined soley for raising metabolic rate?

    Awesome blog btw!


    • ButterBeliever says:

      Thanks Hannah! That’s a great question. I personally like to incorporate both refined and unrefined into my diet. I’d love to tell you more about that in the next episode of my Q&A series on YouTube.

      • Hannah says:

        I look forward to watching it as I’ve been reading lots of conflicting information and can’t quite pin down what exactly refined oil is good for.

        You’ll post it on FB?


  21. Josefina says:

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I can’t see any information for Fats and Oils. I can see many other listings, and my ad blocker does not show as being turned on. I’d love to know what brand you recommend for expeller-pressed, refined coconut oil.

    • ButterBeliever says:

      Hi Josefina, sorry about that! You aren’t doing anything wrong, just bad timing — we JUST revamped our resources listings and turned them into the new VGN Marketplace. Check it out here: I haven’t switched all my links over, but I’ll be doing that soon. Thanks for your comment!

  22. Paula Steingiesser says:

    Thank God you are here… I have been fighting with my doctor because she wants to put me on statins which I have soundly rejected.I was told years ago by a cardiolgist not to take them. I spent a week in the hospital with an inflamed liver. I also suffer from a hyperthyroid and a hypoparathyroid and freeze constantly. Will taking coconut oil affect the hyperthroid… there are so many good benefits from taking it. I have worked in a couple of tablespoons a day. I am lucky that my daughter in law found this site and passed it on to me. I also see I have some reading to do. Am open to suggestions…

    • ButterBeliever says:

      Hi Paula, thanks so much for your comment. If you have thyroid issues and are constantly freezing, I highly recommend reading some of the works by my favorite author and researcher on the subject here: Coconut oil is wonderfully therapeutic, but that alone won’t be enough to fix your thyroid function. The reason why your cholesterol is high is likely because you have poor cholesterol metabolism — the cholesterol isn’t being used up and turned into hormones your body needs, so it just sits in your blood — this is indicative of hypothyroidism. Fixing your metabolism fixes hypothyroidism, which fixes the cholesterol.

  23. Em says:


    I want to read more about Matt’s theories, but I’m not sure which book to start with–Diet Recovery 1, Diet Recovery 2, Eat for Heat, or ???

    I want to find out how to speed up my metabolism, lose weight, and get warm!!

    • ButterBeliever says:

      Great question! I would probably recommend starting with Eat for Heat. It’s very straightforward, a quick, easy read, and you can literally start seeing a difference within hours after applying what you read.

  24. Em says:

    Awesome, thanks so much!

    I’m a new follower, but so far I’m LOVING all your posts and advice–especially your realistic POV when it comes to real food ‘dieting.’ I try to do my best to eat nutrient dense but some of these other bloggers can be so over-the-top with militant regimes; it’s refreshing to hear someone say that doing your best is good enough! :)

  25. Cheryl Stebbins says:

    I am always cold, always sick, and even though I eat well and exercise a ton, I can’t seem to reach a healthy body. My body temp is never above 96.1 unless I’m sick. I’ve always noticed though, that for the first day of a fever, when my temp is in the 99 range, that I feel better than when I don’t have a fever!
    I was also wondering, does coconut butter work the same? I have been reading about making it from unsweetened coconut flakes in a food processor. Do I still need to buy the oil too?

  26. Cat says:

    Hey, if anyone is looking for a tasty way to incorporate coconut oil into your diet, I have found that slicing up a ripe banana and frying it in extra virgin coconut oil is YUMMY! The bananas really soak up the oil and the wonderful coconut flavor. Sometimes I’ll throw in a few blueberries for added taste and color. It’s delicious, give it a try!

    • ButterBeliever says:

      What a great tip! I’ll have to share this one on facebook. And I’ll definitely try it out! Thank you!

  27. Kelly says:

    i really like it in a smoothie usually frozen fruit and coconut milk or yogurt with a Tlbs of coconut oil and a Tlbs of raw honey sometimes i add a little flaxseed oil too, and stevia if its not quite sweet enough. also a frozen banana will sweeten it up. taste is out of this world! :)

  28. Jen says:

    My favorite way to eat coconut oil (virgin) is to pop popcorn in it. It’s so yummy with plenty of melted Kerrygold and sea salt. I also use it in my homemade mayo (expeller pressed), along with olive oil and sesame oil. I can eat it off the spoon, and do so every time I use it in the kitchen. Great post!

  29. monika says:


    I’m new to your site. Can you tell me more about why you wished to gain weight? Do you have a post with a background story? I’m curious because I have issues of my own…I need to gain some, but want to do it healthfully and I also don’t want to become fat (I’m very scared of this)


  30. olivia scott says:

    Holy Crap! 99.1 degrees. That sounds like heaven as I am always freezing in Portland. Good thing I packed my jar of coconut oil in my purse to work with me today =D thanks Your Majesty Hotness for this amazing article!

  31. krystal says:

    The easiest way to get the coconut oil into your daily life, mix with coco/ or cacao powder and a little honey. Freeze by the Tablespoon in ice cube trays or onto an oiled baking pan with sides. Chocolate bark!

  32. Therese says: this is where a friend and I first heard about using coconut oil for raising your body temperature. They have a different routine for reasons they give.

  33. Bob says:

    Coconut oil is a great tool but I was wondering what other foods can offer benefits to core body temperature and what foods to stay away from to really solidify results of heat?

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  35. d_man says:

    So the more coconut oil you drink/eat, the higher your temp will be?

  36. Lisa C says:

    I recently quit GAPS and have been trying to implement the Eat for Heat ideas. I *think* it’s helping, but the weather also just warmed up, so hard to say just how much of a difference it is making (I guess I could take my temp every day). Anyway, this is worth a try. Last time I tried taking coconut oil off a spoon I made myself sick, so I’m thinking I better do smaller amounts throughout the day. Thanks for the idea!

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  38. Helen L says:

    I am actually trying to fight another issue called “Tinnitus” and one of the causes is low body temperature…never realized the effects low body temp can cause. Don’t think a doctor figured this out, it was purely through self diagnostics and frustration that brought me to this site. I will be going to the store tomorrow to get coconut oil.
    Wish my boyfriend luck…:)

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  42. Norma says:

    I just took my temp and it is at 97.6. I have always been low energy and my feet always cold.
    Dr says a temp of 99 indicates some kind of infection.
    When one son has a temp of 99, he is so lethargic u would think his temp was 110!
    Another son has no symptoms until his temp is at 104.
    Are other indicators (hands/feet, energy, general feeling) just as important as temp for metabolism issues?

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  45. I am a huge lover of coconut oil but I have a hard time understanding how no one knows how to use it! It’s just oil….but I’m here to help…I just wrote a whole book about how to use coconut oil in your everyday food: it’s not out until January, but you can preorder here and there is a free preview of a couple recipes. Also, my blog is filled with coconut oil recipes ( and here’s the book

    There are much more exciting ways to take coconut oil then by eating it, although I condone eating it with a spoon, because I love the flavour and would never buy refined. Refined oils are often made from the leftovers of making dessicated coconut and can go rancid much faster than unrefined. Also, many of the health benefits are removed during the refining process but it does leave MCTs. A personal choice, but the usually milkd coconut flavour has been excellent in everything I’ve made with it with the exception of scrambled or fried eggs. NOT GOOD.

  46. I’ve been trying to raise my body temp for the past few weeks. Before I even tried raising my temp I was already consuming LOTS of coconut oil. I always threw a TBS into my smoothies and cooked my eggs in it and sauteed my veggies in it. I baked with it and used it all over my body as lotion.

    I’ve read Matt’s books (Eat for Heat and Diet Recovery 2). I do not need to gain weight. I’m already about 10lbs over my “ideal”. But, nothing else I’ve done to raise my temp has worked, so I thought I’d give Matt’s program a try. Even my husband said he didn’t care if I gained weight because he felt sure I’d lose it slowly once my temp went up.

    Yesterday, I had a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit from McDonald’s! And I’m a guest blogger at GNOWFGLINS!!! Shocking, I know! I ate fatty, salty, sweet junk all day, and my temp still wouldn’t go above 97.6. Finally, I took a hot bath last night and pumped it up to 98.3. I felt like I was going to die. As soon as I got out of the bath, I quickly put my clothes on, ran to my bed, and got under my down comforter. I forced myself to keep that temp as high as I could, even though I was sweating profusely and my pulse was pounding in my ears. I kept it at 98.6 for about an hour, I think. When I woke up this morning, my temp was 98.1. I quickly ate a piece of sprouted grain toast covered in butter and grape jelly and two scrambled eggs. Just a few minutes ago, my temp was at 97.8, so I made myself a Mercola Pure Protein shake w/ raw milk and cream, a big pinch of salt, and a TBS each of raw cacao, coconut oil, and raw honey.

    Any other ideas you can give me to keep my temp up? I’m trying so hard, but I really don’t want to gain any weight!

  47. As I sit here at my computer with cold feet, I’m thinking I should give this a try! I use coconut oil all the time but not enough!

  48. Julia says:

    Every time I click on the link to go to the store site for coconut oil it says none is available? Any other sources?

  49. I LOVE this. I always notice after I make my homemade chocolate – cocoa + coconut oil, that I always am warm, hot to be exact 😉 This makes sense. I’ll be jumping on the coconut oil a day train!

  50. Julie says:

    was wondering if there is another oil that I might be able to take instead of coconut?? not allowed on my diet!! THX for any help here…

  51. Lauren says:

    Yes but did it stay that way? A womans temp rises when you ovulate and stays that way for a few days, so did it stay that way long term or was it maybe just part of the natural cycle that women have. Did you continue to check it for a couple of weeks or was it a one of reading? I’m not disputing it or anything just need more info on your results as I’d like to try it too….

    Love your blog!!

  52. Chris says:

    The best way I have found to get coconut oil in your diet is in home made chocolate!

    So easy to make, really good for you and there are a few different ways to do it.
    The easiest is to just buy some 85% dark chocolate and melt that with the same amount of coconut oil in a double boiler ( Then pour it onto some parchment paper on a baking tray and put it in the fridge or freezer. I prefer the freezer as it makes it nice and hard.

    The even healthier version is to melt a bar of creamed coconut, about 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and some 100% raw cocao powder (as it’s raw it has more nutrients) using the same method. You can also add some chopped nuts to these recipes and some chopped dates if you need the sweetness.

  53. kay says:

    could you just have been ovulating when this happened? where in your cycle were you??

  54. Debbie says:

    I don’t know if I need to raise my body temp or not, haven’t taken my temp in a long time. But, I really don’t want to get any hotter because I usually am very warm anyway. I have been using coconut oil for a couple years now and unfortunately haven’t experienced any weight loss. I’ve been taking a spoonful (1/2 T to T) at least 5 days a week. I put it in my mouth and then take a drink of my coffee so it melts. I use it in other stuff I make if I need oil and my hubby isn’t going to be eating it. Also use it for a moisturizer.

  55. laurie says:

    one of the easiest, most delicious and adding more benefits of turmeric is a simple relaxing cup of turmeric milk. 2 c milk of choice, 1 t of turmeric, 1/2 t of ginger, 1/4 t of black pepper (aids in absorbing of turmeric) and 1 T of coconut oil. Heat and sweeten with honey. Think I will have one now :)

  56. Nancy Shinkle says:

    My friend and sister have hypothyroidism. My sister actually got her thyroid removed. My friend Amy on the other hand is allergic to Coconut. Do you know of other ways to raise her body core temp?


  57. Debbie says:

    I’ve bought the books and read them…do the coconut oil… Temperature not really rising..feeling frustrated

  58. Hermelinda says:

    do you ddo updated on any of your details?

  59. Theresa says:

    I am so cold 24/7 except for the hottest of summer. Often I am one step away from tears as I am so sick of being cold! I have gotten in a bad habit of laying under the electric blanket and wasting my day away and I was never like this years ago. I just started using coconut oil a little bit this year. I’m thinking of adding a bit to my coffee. What do you think? I am holding my breath and hoping this changes my metabolism and permanent cold body. I have been tested and the Dr says there isn’t a problem with my thyroid just exercise more.

  60. […] buzz about eating Coconut Oil to help boost metabolism and body temperature…and I stumbled on a little gem this morning by Miss Butter Believer who shared that she has recently been reading up more on the work of Ray Peat, who’s a biologist […]

  61. anita says:

    I am underweight and i am trying to gain some weight …i am an Indian and pure vegetarian .Does coconut oil make me loose more weight ?

  62. Ben says:

    What about MCT oil, is there a reason not to use that instead of coconut oil or in addition to?

  63. […] an increased metabolic rate. Higher metabolism equals warmer toes and a slimmer waistline. Click here to read how my friend and fellow blogger applied this […]

  64. Janine says:

    Why am I doing all I can, coconut oil etc etc my temperature is good but my feet are freezing? I hate the cold feet? Creme brûlée and a table spoon of coconut oil and my feet are freezing. ????? Any thought?

    • ButterBeliever says:

      Sometimes it takes more than just a few simple tweaks to fix your metabolism, and the symptoms of a low metabolic rate like cold feet.

      I would recommend reading The Nourished Metabolism as well as Eat for Heat. You’ll get a much clearer idea of what needs to change. Best of luck!

  65. Lori says:

    Reading this article was very enlightening my body temp has always been low, and I thought that was a good thing, I was taught that if your body temp went up you were sick, so I never thought to raise it or take it when sick, even then I stopped as even then it was low, I remember a time when I was in my 20’s, this was like 30 years ago, and I went to the doctor because I was so sick, and they had the old type thermometers and they took my temp 3 times and when the doc came in he laughingly said I know what’s wrong with you, you died and forgot to lay down, that’s how low my temp was. I’ve in the last several months have started using coconut oil, and eating healthy, and I thought my weight loss was due to that, I wonder if my body temp has gone up as I always feel hot anymore.

    • ButterBeliever says:

      Ah, that does sound like a logical conclusion to come to, about a lower temp being better due to being the opposite of a fever. That’s both hilarious and sad what your doc said back in the day, haha!

      If you’ve been taking coconut oil and losing weight, yeah I bet your temp has gone up! I sure hope it has at least! Have you checked?

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