Links I Loved in September

In case you missed last month’s edition, I have a new tradition I’ll be doing every month — linking up to all the good stuff I’ve read and recipes I’ve found! There’s so many awesome real-food and health-related blogs out there that I can’t wait to share. Here’s a shout out to some of the best things I read this month from them.

Links I Loved

  • Everyone seems to have a totally different idea of what foods are “healthy” these days. Even holistic-minded, alternative nutritionists so often get it wrong by advocating things that just aren’t good for you at all. Make sure you know the most common “health” foods to avoid.
  • How to make your own non-toxic household cleaner. Cheap, effective, and looks pretty do-able!
  • Autism is such a prevalent condition today that many people are questioning how it is developing in our kids. But could autism be an autoimmune disorder? An interesting discussion.
  • Pure soy candles sound non-toxic enough, right? Well, did you know that according to government regulations, “pure” only means at least 51% pure, leaving the other 49% up for whatever they want to put in there, like toxic paraffin? Wow.
  • This one’s for the ladies. “Did you know that tampons and disposable pads (and disposable diapers, for that matter) can contain over 23 different toxic chemicals?” Yikes! Learn more about safe alternatives like menstrual cups in this post.
  • If you step on a rusty nail, you’re supposed to get a tetanus shot. But does that make biological sense? Maybe tetanus shots aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.
  • Is eating animals unethical? Of course extreme activist groups like PETA would say so, but I think the issue is more complex than just “animals are cute and nice so we shouldn’t eat them.” Learn why it can be ethical to eat meat (and get some ammo for the vegans who might argue with you otherwise).
  • Stretch marks. No one wants ’em. But did you know there’s a “secret ingredient” you need to prevent stretch marks and have beautiful, glowing skin? Um, sign me up! (Before I start popping out babies in the coming years!)
  • Do you love virgin coconut oil? If not, you haven’t tried it yet! I eat at least a tablespoon a day now, plus it’s my favorite frying fat.
  • Have you ventured into the world of bone broth yet? If you’re interested in learning how to make chicken stock, or if you’re extra adventurous, chicken stock with chicken feet, there’s a lot to learn in this post. Don’t fear the feet! They’re delicious. :)
  • Think you need to stick to only farmer’s markets and CSAs to get real food? Well, you just might want to try your luck finding real food at Costco, like this blogger does. Virgin coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and quality olive oil from a food warehouse? Who knew!
  • Are popular antioxidant immune-boosting foods really helping to prevent viruses? They probably aren’t enough to really support your immune system. But there are plenty of real, traditional foods that do.
  • Corporate giants like Wal-Mart stores are threatening the way of life for small towns across America. Here’s one passionate singer’s take on the problem near his hometown, depicted in a beautiful music video. Very moving.
  • Is your family ready for Halloween next month? If you don’t want to contribute to all the typical toxic candies filling your neighborhood kids’ pillowcases, try planning on these ideas for healthy Halloween treats instead.

Recipes I Pinned

I’m crazy about the Pinterest, you guys. Are you on there? I’d love to follow you, too. Here’s a sampling of the tasty looking recipes that went straight onto my pinboards this month.

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  1. Thanks for the round-up, there are some great articles there and I’ll have to try the oregano pesto because my oregano plant has gone nuts :)

  2. Awww thanks for sharing my tots recipe! I think of Napoleon every time I make tots and quesadillas :)

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